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Yamaha YSP2700S Digital Sound Projector, Silver


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MusicCast Digital Sound Projector with Bluetooth, Wireless Subwoofer  Designed for exceptional sound quality to being out the best of beautiful images. Compatible with MusicCast, it offers a new music style. The YSP- 2700 will bring satisfying sound with superior presence into your living room.   * Digital Sound Projector technology with 16 array speakers reproduces true 7.1-ch surround sound * MusicCast for audio enjoyment in every room * Wireless cubic subwoofer for rich and crisp bass * IntelliBeam™ automatically sets the optimum sound field for each room * 107 W total power: 2 W x 16 beam drivers + 75 W subwoofer * Provides a choice of 10 CINEMA DSP programmes * HD Audio Format Decoding (Dolby TrueHD) * Supports 192 kHz / 24-bit High Resolution Music (Flac / WAV / AIFF) * HDMI (3 in / 1 out) input with 4K60p Pass through and HDCP2.2 * Bluetooth® for wireless music streaming * Supports Bluetooth output for pairing YSP-2700 and other Bluetooth equipped products * AirPlay® allows music streaming from Mac, PC, iPod®, iPhone®, iPad® * Support for internet radio and various music streaming services * Control app for easy operations (MusicCast CONTROLLER) * Compressed Music Enhancer * Clear Voice makes dialogue and narrations easy to listen to * Easy-to-see On Screen Menu viewable in ten languages * (Japanese, English, Germany, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Turkey) * Control4 certification * Wall-mountable with SPM-K20 (optional)   Amazing Real 7.1-ch Surround YSP-2700 creates beams of sound by combining the sound projector’s many speaker groups via digital signal processing and reflects them off the walls of the room, actually reproducing a realistic 7.1channel surround effect with the sound coming from the left and right and even from the rear. The listening area is expanded so you enjoy an extremely powerful, natural sense of presence unobtainable with virtual surround methods. Overwhelming Realism with 16 speakers The front unit of the YSP-2700 is equipped with 16 2.8 cm high sound quality array speakers which create beams of sound. It optimises the layout of its array speakers, boosting the reflection properties of the beams to maximise sound quality. The Beauty and Elegance of High Quality Materials The centre unit is made from aluminium with outstanding rigidity.  The top cover is a thick aluminium panel with a hairline finish, giving it an elegant appearance. The subwoofer has a simple design that blends nicely with any interior. Wireless Subwoofer for Flexible Placement The subwoofer eliminates the need to connect cables, so setup and placement are faster and easier. This is a convenient subwoofer that delivers powerful, high quality bass sound. MusicCast MusicCast employs a high performance wireless network to deliver music and audio enjoyment. It can stream digital music content from your smartphone, PC or NAS to other MusicCast devices in your home. It can also share the music from external devices such as a TV or BD player connected to the YSP-2700. Audio content from Bluetooth-connected smartphones or tablets can also be streamed to MusicCast devices in multiple rooms. Control App for Easy Operations Simply tap the beautifully designed screen and take control of all the audio equipment and all the music in your home.  

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