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Samsung WMNM23EA No-Gap Wall Mount for 2018 75" QLED TV’s


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No-Gap Wall Mount for 2018 75" QLED TV’s   Compatible with: 75" Q7FNA / Q7FAM / Q8CAM / Q9FNA   Remove the gap No Gap Wall-Mount helps QLED TVs hang beautifully on the wall, leaving almost no space in between. Gorgeous from all sides, your QLED TV can fit perfectly in your living room. Tilt down for the perfect viewing angle The tiltable wall-mount solution lets you adjust your QLED TV’s angle after mounting to achieve the perfect viewing angle. This makes it ideal for higher positions, such as above a fireplace. Quick and easy setup With fast, simple installation, mounting your QLED TV to the wall is quick and easy. Designed for modern living Slim and low-profile, the No Gap Wall-Mount allows you to easily integrate your QLED TV into any room and make the most of its sleek good looks.          

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