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Rangemaster RSXS18SSC A+ American Style Fridge Freezer, 560L capacity, Steel


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A+ American Style Fridge Freezer with 560L capacity, Stainless Steel Rangemaster’s new RSXS offers a variety of benefits with a sleek, sophisticated design that will add wow factor to an open-plan kitchen scheme. Side-by-side 4 door American-style refrigerators offer an easy way to access fresh and frozen food. There are three colour co-ordinated options to choose from – Black, Ivory and Stainless Steel, each with a durable, hardwearing finish.     * Impressive 560 litre net capacity * A+ rated for energy efficiency * Totally frost-free * External digital control display * Independently controlled freezer zones * Electronic ‘door open’ alarm * LED lighting * Four drawer and two shelf freezer compartments * Deep fridge door shelves * Holiday and Eco Modes * Super Freeze and Super Cool Modes * Child Lock   ENERGY EFFICIENT Exceeding current EU legislation, the new Rangemaster RSXS is A+ rated for Energy Efficiency, which is higher than the minimum requirement. This is not only good for the environment but will also keep running costs low.  INDEPENDENTLY CONTROLLED ZONES Our new RSXS American-style four-door fridge freezer comes with two freezer compartments that can be independently controlled for added flexibility when it comes to storing fresh and frozen food. The bottom left-hand freezer compartment is programmed via an external control panel and can be utilised as a chiller space instead of a freezer whenever you need it. QUICK DRINK MODE Our innovative new refrigeration features include the Quick Drink Mode, which serves as a reminder for any drinks you place in either of the freezer compartments with the intention of cooling them quickly. Simply set the timer in five-minute increments from anywhere between five and thirty minutes and an audible alarm will sound to alert you to take the drinks out. ECO RUNNING MODE When you’re away from home, whether for a few days or a long summer break, set the Eco Running Mode to preserve power while still keeping the food inside at its optimum temperature. SUPER COOL MODE Our Super Cool Mode is similar to the Super Freeze Mode, as it automatically reverts back to the last set fridge temperature after four hours unless deactivated manually. Ideal for cooling down a large quantity of fresh food after a big shop as well as swiftly chilling soft drinks and white or sparkling wine. SUPER FREEZE MODE Available on our new RSXS and RDXD American-style and French style models, the Super Freeze Mode will automatically revert back to the last set temperature after 24 hours unless deactivated manually. It’s so handy after a large food shop, when you need to freeze fresh food quickly to retain nutrients and flavour. HOLIDAY MODE If you’re planning to be away from home for long periods, such as summer breaks or a Christmas getaway, set the Holiday Mode to keep the freezer compartment active. This way you won’t be wasting valuable energy keeping the fridge running when there’s nothing inside to refrigerate. DOOR ALARM It’s all too easy to accidentally leave the fridge door open so make sure you never lose valuable energy and coolness with the built-in Door Alarm, which warns of any cool air escaping after just two minutes. FROST FREE/NO FROST TECHNOLOGY Wave goodbye to the dreaded task of defrosting the freezer. Thanks to our innovative Frost Free / No Frost Technology, there’s no more chiseling away at built-up frost – a must for today’s hectic lifestyles and hardworking kitchens.

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