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LG OK75 XBOOM 1000W One Body Hi-Fi Speaker


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  XBOOM 1000W One Body Hi-Fi Speaker with Blast Horn   Super Charged Tunes Booming bass. An RMS amplifier and heavy duty speaker construction deliver huge 1000W output wattage for your sound system. Crank your audio experience into another dimension with a sonic spectrum that will blow you away.   More Pressure. Better Bass Pressure creates power. An internal folded horn design increases acoustic pressure by pushing sound through an amplifying duct. The result is super powerful and incredibly weight bass blasts.   Light Up Your Party Complete your party with Multi Colour Lighting Woofers that changes to the beat of the music playing. The white Dual Sparkle Strips and the blue and red corner lightings highlight the party with more fun.   Portable Party Piece Two robust casters and an embedded handle within the top-rear of the One-Body Speaker allow for easy transportation of this hi-fi system. Now you can rock and roll, literally.   The More the Better  Wireless Party Link allows two LG Party Systems to be connected together to create an immersive sound. Making it even better, any compatible LG Party System can work for you to mix and match your audio.  

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